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499 How to Say No

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This episode was inspired by a question my dear friend, mentee, and social media manager, Emma Cullen, recently asked. She said, “You often say no to things in order to free up more time for your clients, your family, your community, and your friends. But how do you say no?”

I loved this question, and I am excited to share my answer with you today! Because when it comes to responding to a request, “no” is a complete sentence. And I am not only talking about when you apply to speak.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why, as a visionary, speaker, and leader, you have to get really comfortable with saying no
  • The baggage many people have with saying no
  • Examples of how to say no to the things you’re being asked to do
  • How to show gratitude when saying no to someone


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