Image for episode 526 Inside The Art of The Big Talk: Part 1

526 Inside The Art of The Big Talk: Part 1

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Today, I’m giving you a behind the scenes look into what happens during my virtual Masterclass, The Art of The Big Talk.

During the two days of this Masterclass, I spend 12 hours live with speakers like you. Yes, that’s six hours each day! And, in this time, I teach you how to land on your big idea, talk about this idea in a creative way, and pitch this idea to event organizers. You even get 1:1 hotseat coaching from me.

There’s so much that happens during The Art of The Big Talk. And this episode will be the first of two parts giving you all of the details!

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • The reason I host this time-intensive, value-packed Masterclass for an investment of only $47
  • How your limiting beliefs are affecting more people than just you
  • Why I know your story — no matter what it is — will change lives
  • The stories of speakers who have gone through this Masterclass and are now taking global stages


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