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510 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #7

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Show Summary: 

I’m so excited for today’s podcast because you are getting another inside look into the hot seat coaching that happens during my live virtual masterclass, The Art of The Big Talk. I love these special bonus episodes, and I’m so glad to be sharing this one with you now!

During The Art of The Big Talk, which I host twice per year, I get the incredible opportunity to work with hundreds of aspiring speakers. One small part of what happens during our time together is the chance to receive some 1:1 coaching from me.

During these hot seats, we’ll explore:

  • My recommendation for applying to multiple events with the same big talk
  • Choosing a name for the framework or tool you are teaching 
  • Why you should always tell your story when it’s relevant to the big talk you are sharing
  • Playing with words in your talk and coming up with a strong title


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