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492 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #4

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Show Summary: 

Hey, friends, welcome back to The Big Talk podcast. I’m your host, Tricia Brouk — founder of The Big Talk Academy, award-winning director, producer, and author. This is episode 492.

I’m so excited for today’s episode because it’s a part of a series where I’m giving you an inside look at my live virtual masterclass, The Art of The Big Talk.

During these two days, I get the amazing opportunity to work with hundreds of aspiring speakers who desire to step onto big stages. A part of what happens during these live sessions is the chance to receive 1:1 hot seat coaching from me.

My hope is that these questions will serve to inspire you and give you some of the insights you’re seeking as you too work towards taking the stages you desire.

In these hot seats, we’ll explore:

  • How to hone in on your big talk idea 
  • Knowing why your message is important: why it’s important to you, and why it’s important to the world
  • Connecting with people who have viewpoints opposed to yours
  • Choosing the perfect name for your talk


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