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504 Masterclass Hot Seat Coaching – #6

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Show Summary: 

I’m so excited to share another episode in our series of hot seat coaching from my live virtual masterclass, The Art of The Big Talk. 

During these two days, I get the incredible opportunity to work with hundreds of aspiring speakers who desire to take big stages. A part of what happens during our time together is the chance to receive 1:1 hot seat coaching from me.

These questions will inspire you as you work towards stepping onto the big stages you desire, too.

In these hot seats, we’ll explore:

  • Unpacking your big idea and figuring out how to hook in your audience
  • Why you should never apologize from the stage and what to do instead
  • Moving past imposter syndrome and the reason your unique message matters
  • Finding the overarching theme that runs through your talk ideas


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