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543 Navigating Your Mother Hurt with Cherryl Cooley (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

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Show Summary: 

Today, you’re getting another glimpse into The Big Talk Academy Virtual Showcase.
These game-changing speakers from my signature program each have an important message to share.

I know you will walk away fully inspired seeing how these change makers, influential voices, and thought leaders are making a difference in the world.

This week’s episode features Cherryl Cooley and her talk, “Love After Oprah: How I Learned to Navigate ‘Mother Hurt’.”

Cherryl is a literary creative and narrative expert whose work has appeared in Poetry & Essence magazines, the Lincoln Center, the Museum of Modern Art, and numerous anthologies and literary journals. A native North Carolinian, she lives, loves, and works from Woodbridge, Virginia, just south of Washington, DC.

In this talk, she explores:

  • Overcoming a Legacy of Silence: Dive into Cherryl’s journey through the challenges of growing up in a culture of silence and how it shaped her.
  • Breaking the Silence on The Oprah Show: Learn about Cherryl’s transformative experience on The Oprah Show, where she confronted her family’s tradition of silence.
  • Understanding the ‘Mother Blueprint’: Discover the concept of a mother blueprint and its significance in personal and familial relationships.
  • Intentional Communication: Explore the power of intentional communication in mending and transforming relationships.

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