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519 Speaker Salon Showcase with Dina Gregory

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Show Summary: 

Today, I am sharing one of the amazing talks given live at my Speaker Salon Showcase — an event I curate annually in New York City.

This talk, “From the Felt to the Flesh: Lessons from Italy’s Legendary Christmas Witch,” was given by Dina Gregory.

By day, Dina teaches trauma-informed language instruction to children. By night, she is a writer, speaker, puppeteer, and host of the Le Befana’s Table podcast. 

Whether in the classroom, under a table, or on a stage, Dina combines down to earth truth telling with humor and imagination. She inspires people of all ages to reclaim the sacred adventure of life.  

As an Italian American, Dina has fond memories of sitting around the kitchen table sharing stories and singing songs. She felt called not only to preserve a legend from her cultural heritage but to bring forth a new story. This story shows the world that, in spite of our differences, life is sweeter together.

In her talk, she explores:

  • How a one-toothed puppet of Italy’s Christmas witch changed her life
  • What to do when world events make you feel powerless
  • Why every single one of us has a vital role to play
  • The impact storytelling has on our lives


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