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538 The Invitation: Vital Conversations About Menopause

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Show Summary: 

My latest book, The Invitation: Vital Conversations About Menopause, releases tomorrow, September 13th. And this week, we’re dropping in with my co-author, Alexandra Stockwell, MD, for a tender and beautiful conversation about it.

This is not a science-based book. It’s literally a conversation between two women — Alexandra and myself. It’s entertaining and intimate.

The Invitation is a book for you. To support you. To make you laugh. To make you feel connected, safe, and empowered.

In this conversation, we’ll explore:

  • Why I chose to write this book and what it was like for me to co-author it with Alexandra
  • The importance of opening up a dialogue about menopause and its impact
  • Fostering an understanding of the diverse experiences women go through during this phase of life
  • The reason men can also benefit from reading this book


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Our new book, The Invitation: Vital Conversations about Menopause




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