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530 The Power of Empathy with Heather McGowen

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Show Summary: 

Today, I am so excited to be talking with the amazing Heather McGowen.

As a future-of-work strategist, keynote speaker, thought leader, and author, Heather is one of the leading voices on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

She’s transforming mindsets around the globe with her message about how the next phase of work will focus on continuous learning. Her groundbreaking approach has made employees more fulfilled, leaders more empathetic, and businesses more effective at reaching their goals.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Heather’s diverse background in design, business, and education
  • The changing workforce and how leadership styles should adapt accordingly
  • The power of empathy for effective leadership and unlocking human potential
  • Shifts leaders should make to create an environment of empathy and empowerment
  • Heather’s current favorites: Book: The Legacy of Luna, Speaker: Michelle Obama, and Podcast: Club Random with Bill Maher


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