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547 Unconscious Bias and a Broadway Show

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Show Summary: 

Today, we’re talking about unconscious bias — both in the world of theatre and our world in general.

I start by sharing a recent experience I had when my husband Joe and I went to a Broadway play that ended up being one of most beautiful and inclusive productions I’ve ever seen on stage. 

I connect what this means for us as influential voices and thought leaders, and why it’s crucial you examine your own personal biases, so you can show up, connect, and communicate more deeply.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • A Broadway Revelation: Join me as I recount my experience with Joe at a groundbreaking Broadway play and what made it profoundly impactful.
  • Challenging Perspectives through Theatre: Learn how this play invites audiences to reconsider their viewpoints and see the world through a fresh lens.
  • First Impressions and Societal Influence: Discuss the significant effects of first impressions, societal norms, and cognitive shortcuts on our perceptions.
  • Reflecting on Personal Bias: Understand the critical role of self-awareness and continual reflection in recognizing and addressing your unconscious biases.

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