Episode 561 Understanding Antidepressant Withdrawel

561 – Understanding Antidepressant Withdrawal with Brooke Siem (Speaker’s Salon Showcase)

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Show Summary:

Today, I’m super excited to share a talk from my 2023 Speaker’s Salon Showcase. 

This showcase is the culmination of a 6-week live intensive speaking program I curate every year in New York City. The innovative and insightful thought leaders who take this stage each have an important message to share, and I know you’ll love hearing their big talks in these special bonus episodes.

This week, I am featuring speaker Brooke Siem as she shares, “This talk may cause side effects.”

Brooke is a writer, chef, and speaker whose work on antidepressant withdrawal has appeared in The Washington Post, New York Post, Psychology Today, and more. 

Her memoir, MAY CAUSE SIDE EFFECTS, is the first book on antidepressant withdrawal to hit the mass market. Brooke is also a Food Network “Chopped” Champion and founder of the newsletter Happiness Is A Skill.

In her talk, she explores:

  • Her personal journey with mental health and when she was first prescribed antidepressants
  • What happened when she stopped taking her antidepressants
  • The lack of knowledge about antidepressant withdrawal in the medical community
  • The importance of addressing the root causes of mental health struggles and why pharmaceutical interventions may not help these

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