Image for episode What Dancing for Lucinda Childs Taught Me About Readiness

553 – What Dancing For Lucinda Childs Taught Me About Readiness

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Show Summary:

With Thanksgiving just a few days away here in the U.S., I was inspired to talk about gratitude and readiness with you today.

If you’ve read my book or been a long-time listener of the podcast, you know I am a former dancer. During my time as a dancer, I had the honor to work and tour with Lucinda Childs, a modern dance legend.

Today, I’m sharing what this experience taught me about being grateful and the importance of remaining in a state of readiness.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why I view all of the speakers I direct through the lens of a performer
  • The unique opportunity I was given as a part of the Lucinda Childs Dance Company
  • How I stayed in a state of readiness and gratitude despite a challenging circumstance
  • Why gratitude and readiness help you overcome limiting beliefs and fear

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