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523 What Does the 4th of July Mean These Days? Freedom of Speech and TAOTBT

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Show Summary: 

Today is the fourth of July! Here in the U.S., that means we’re celebrating our independence with fireworks, hot dogs, and hamburgers. If you’re in New York City, you’re probably headed to the Jersey Shore. 

However, in this episode, I want to go a bit deeper on what this holiday really means and why this is an important day to talk about our freedom of speech.

If you’ve tuned in before, you know I love to deconstruct things in service of you and your bigger thinking. And this conversation is the perfect example! Remember, this is the big talk, not the small talk.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why the First Amendment protects speech that people like and speech that people don’t
  • How to speak in a way that is driven by love and respect — even when you disagree with someone
  • Whether or not lies and false statements are protected by freedom of speech
  • The importance of being a discerning listener, reader, and audience member


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