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531 Why Reporting Rape Can Be a Gift with Alejandra L Valenzuela (Bonus Virtual Showcase)

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Show Summary: 

Today, I’m excited to share another amazing talk from The Big Talk Academy Virtual Showcase.

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This week’s Virtual Showcase talk, “Reporting Rape is a Divine Gift. Here’s why…” is from Alejandra L Valenzuela.

Alejandra is a captivating motivational speaker, life coach, and modern-day mystic who inspires audiences to look at life through a deeper lens. She is intimately attuned to the rhythms of the earth, moon, and stars and teaches others how to rebuild these sacred relationships to find connection and purpose.

In her talk, she explores:

  • Why she initially didn’t report being raped and the impact it had on her life
  • The shift she experienced that led her to report when she was assaulted again
  • How reporting can be an empowering step in the healing journey
  • The need for compassion, empathy, and speaking out against violence


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