Episode 567 The Power of Music with Wendy Christie

567 The Power of Music with Wendy Christie (Speaker Salon Showcase)

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Show Summary:

Today, I’m super excited to share a big talk from my 2023 Speaker Salon Showcase. This talk was given by speaker, advocate, and thought leader Wendy Christie. 

I was in conversation with Wendy in our last episode, so if you missed that one, I encourage you to go back and listen in.

Wendy’s talk, “Music and Michelangelo,” highlights the power of music as she explores its ability to transcend words, heal hurt, and connect us all.

In her talk, she explores:

  • When she realized the deeper meaning of music
  • Her personal experience with the power of music and its impact on the human soul
  • Music’s ability to access the full range of human expression
  • The problems with the competitive nature of the education system

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