10 Tips For TEDx Talks – From Master Speaking Coach Tricia Brouk

TEDx Speaker Having a Conversation With Tricia Brouk on a TEDx Stage

Being able to speak in public is crucial to career success in today’s world where the media is everywhere, cameras are everywhere, and you can end up on social media without knowing it. Being a public speaker who moves people in a positive way can be a powerful career advantage too. But how? And how […]

How And Why You Must Vet An Event Organizer Before Stepping On Stage

Speaker at a TEDx event addressing the audience

TED Talks have been given by presidents, the pope, Grammy-winning musicians, award-winning actresses and Nobel Prize winners. Notable mentions include Bill Clinton, Pope Francis, Bono, Jane Fonda and Stephen Hawking. Who wouldn’t want to be in this lineup? At the local level, leaders, authors and influencers are applying to countless TEDx events in the hopes […]

How Ego, Comparison And Fear Can Impede Your Success

How Ego, Comparison And Fear Can Impede Your Success

It is human nature to compare ourselves to others, and comparison is often a tool that can serve us well for success. For example, if I want to rank higher in my spin class, by comparing my numbers to the leader board of the other classmates, I push myself a bit harder and perform better. Or, […]

The Myth Of The TED Talk

Big TEDx Stage

Full disclosure: I have TED Talk FOMO. I’ve never given one. I got turned down for the TEDx event I recently pitched. It’s a goal of mine, so I wanted to know: Is it really worth it? For experts and innovators, the TED Talk is the holy grail of achievement. Give one, the thinking goes, and […]