Here’s How Highly Successful People Generate Their Own Good Luck

It can be tempting to look at successful people and think they’ve been luckier than everyone else. Maybe. But more likely they’re just better at creating opportunities and opening doors. Here’s advice from more than a dozen high-achieving executives on how to do it. 1. Perfect your ask. “Leading a startup accelerator, I can tell […]

6 Things Great Speakers Always Do

We all want to be better speakers. Maybe, in our secret heart of hearts, we’d like to give a TED Talk. Maybe we’d like to be a TEDx speaker. So I asked an expert for advice on how you can become a better speaker; someone¬†with a great track record of getting her clients to their […]

The Extraordinary Power of Collaboration

CREDIT: Sylvia Hoke

Last week I attended TEDxLincolnSquare: Risk Takers and Change Makers. The theater was intimate and cozy, and the messages were big and bold. You could sense the emotion and passion as each of the diverse presenters spoke. I also had the privilege of meeting up with the organizers, Jamie Broderick and Tricia Brouk. It was […]

Tony Robbins Shares One Simple Strategy to Overcome Shame and Embarrassment

Shame. Oh, how it gets the best of us. Shame is a character trait which can destroy the most successful of people and reduce them to an embarrassed version of themselves. Trust me, there isn’t a single person on earth who hasn’t gone through the experience of shame in their life, whether in a one-time […]