411 When Your Voice Meets Your Message with Amelia Felbinger

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Show Summary: 

This week on The Big Talk, we are talking about what happens when your voice finally meets your message, and how to create the kind of fertile environment that allows this to happen.

For this conversation, I’m joined by the amazing Amelia Felbinger.

Amelia previously appeared on the podcast in Episode 351 with her Virtual Showcase talk, Real People Magic: Accessing the Mastery of an Actor to Own Your Story.

She is now a certified Speaker with The Big Talk Academy. She has also spent over a decade performing on New York stages followed by years in Leadership Coaching. Amelia has the unique ability to take an actor’s skillset and translate it into an effective personal development toolbox for your real life.

Amelia and I have similar stories in that we both always had a deep desire to perform on big stages and also to move from our small childhood towns to live in New York City to follow this dream. We start our conversation navigating through this journey for her and diving into where that has led her now.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • How she went from acting to the corporate world, and how that journey led her back to taking big stages as a speaker
  • The moment her voice met her message
  • The incredible platform she has created since finding her message
  • The process of acting and how it applies to everyone
  • Amelia’s current favorite book: Untamed, speaker: Michelle Obama, and podcast: The Life Coach School.


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Her first appearance on The Big Talk podcast in Episode 351

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_be_happy_business/ 


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