Image for episode 424 Deconstructing Success by Looking at the Choices I Make

424 Deconstructing Success by Looking at the Choices I Make

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Why Do the Choices I Make Matter?

This week on the podcast, I’m deconstructing the why behind what I do for success in my business and my life. 

The choices I make each day — no matter how small they may seem at the moment — have a bigger impact. That is why everything I do has intention behind it. Today we’re diving into the what, the why, and the how behind the decisions I make and the habits I’ve created for myself.

I am hoping by sharing my intentions with you that it will help you bring more intention and attention to your families, communities, lives, and businesses as well.

In this episode, we’ll explore:

  • Why I get up so early in the morning every day (for even more insight into my mornings listen to Ep. 322)
  • How I start each week and why I do this
  • The reasons behind choices in my business — including my brand colors, my logo, and even my email signature
  • How I transition from the end of my work day into my time with Joe in the evenings
  • The intentions behind my clothing choices


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