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“My ROI from working with Tricia is HUGE!!!! over 5x the total investment, and still counting.”

Dr. Kristina Hallett​

PHD, APBB, TEDx Speaker and Author

“Tricia's guidance not only got me to the TEDx stage, she took my goals to the moon and beyond my wildest dreams.”

Sarah Nannen

Speaker, TEDx Speaker, Author Empowerment Coach

"She is not afraid to help her speaker's push to the next level."

Kate MacKinnon

Speaker and Feng Shui Expert

“Tricia encouraged me to stretch my boundaries and learn to embrace vulnerability in a masterful way that transformed my messages.”

Amy O’Neill

Speaker, MS, LPC Clinician, Survivor

“How do you measure the value of connecting with your authentic being and really connecting with and owning your voice?”

Mike Shereck

Speaker, Author, Leadership coach

"Tricia did and saw me in way that was much bigger than how I saw myself and my path evolving."

Ameena Majid

Speaker, Lawyer, Human Rights Advocate

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