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with Tricia Brouk

Mistakes from the Stage

Candid conversations about using your voice in a big way.

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Episode 153 Interpret Your Personal Journey – Mandy Antoniacci

Episode 152 Channel Your Message – Nicole Moore

Episode 151 Serve the Event, Not Just Your Message – Phil Jones

Episode 150 Speaking is a Conversation – Dr. Kristen Donnelly

Episode 149 Command the Stage – Christine Miskinis

Episode 148 How to Improve Your Speaking – Brian Massey

Episode 147 Be Memorable – Ari Zoldan

Episode 146 Never Take from the Stage – Sharon Pope

Episode 145 Invent Your Own Path – Thom Singer

Episode 144 Own Your Awesome – Kristina Hallett

Episode 143 Storytelling for Transformation – Jennifer Kem

Episode 142 Becoming Vulnerable with Your Audience – Adrienne Dorison

Episode 141 Creating a Multi-Sensory Experience – Cameron Brown

Episode 140 Be Clear That You Are Here – Charreah Jackson

Episode 139 Developing Authority as a Speaker – Jesse Johnson

Episode 138 Get Your Ego Out of the Way – Teresa de Grosbois

Episode 137 Walk on Stage Feeling Prepared – Melanie Deziel

Episode 136 Put the Audience First – Sarah Kaler

Episode 135 Understand What Your Audience Needs – Laura Templeton

Episode 134 Connecting with Your Audience – Mike Ganino

Episode 133 Nothing Takes the Place of Preparation – Susan RoAne

Episode 132 Share All of You – Shane Ram

Episode 131 Be Vulnerable and Share Your Story – Daniel Thomas Hind

Episode 130 Giving Before You Give to Your Audience – Chanie Wilschanski

Welcome to The Big Talk with Tricia Brouk, an award winning director and producer.

The Big Talk pulls back the curtain of the art of public speaking, TED Talks, and how to get paid to speak. She’s interviewed the world’s top speakers including, Stedman Graham, Hap Klopp, Lolly Daskal and John Lee Dumas.

Featured Episodes

Stedman Graham

Author, Speaker and Oprah’s longtime biggest champion

John Lee Dumas

Founder of award winning podcast EOFire, speaker and entrepreneur

Lolly Daskal

TEDx speaker, author and sought after leadership coach

Hap Klopp

Founder of The North Face, speaker and disrupter

JJ Ramberg

Former host of MSNBC’s Your Business


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